Gary Wells
Southern Ontario

Bio: Welcome to Your Home for Vintage Leisure. Here you'll find a variety of topics discussed; most all relating to mid-century media. Join the conversation - I welcome your feedback. Christ follower (1 Timothy 6:17). Email me at iamwellsy@gmail.com

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  1. YES! I’m so proud of you for putting this and yourself out there!
    Seeing into your past was a cool experience for me, since I know you now in a much different life.
    I hope your work is appreciated, as I appreciate it. I’ve still got such a love for “Rosie”.

  2. Got a good suggestion of a movie for you to profile Wells. It’s called “A Rage To Live”. From ‘65 I believe. Starring a sultry Suzanne Pleshette. Great drama set in early ‘60’s about a philandering housewife. Available on Amazon. Have you seen it? Would enjoy reading your spin. Thx. Steve.

    • Y’know, I think the title rings a bell, Steve, but I’m not familiar with it. “Sultry Suzanne Pleshette”, though – sounds good to me! Thanks for the recommendation. Stay tuned…

  3. Wow!! Such a wonderful site! Such an awesome walk down memory lane! I could spend hrs here…& probably will over time. Thank you!! Patty B.

  4. aloha- I just had the pleasure of reading your article on Gardner McKay – and don’t understand your comments about not finding any episodes of Adventures in Paradise. It took me a lot of looking over serveral years – but I found a number of episodes on Ebay more than a decade ago and through Amazon.com a rather well produced DVD collection of all the episodes of the entire three years. I hope that you’ve had such luck since your article appeared – being old enough to have watched the original series when it first came out (and being so affected by Adam Troy, et. al., I finally was able to move to HI and have been on Maui for the last two decades) and have spent many hours “binging” on the DVD’s from time to time. I do think he evaluated himself as a not very good actor but that never bothered me (at least not at the age I first watched him). I’ve enjoyed reading his books and plays – and found his autobiography fascinating. Having been a huge fan of Jimmy Buffet since I first heard him in the very early 70’s at Max’s Kansas City (in Manhattan) over the sound system in between the two sets of Howling Wolf – the connection between the two men is quite lovely. Reading the forward to McKay’s autobiography by Buffet finally made me realize there was a “real” connection between the two men with the lyrics of “We are the people are parents warned us about”

    • I’m thrilled that you found some quality DVDs! It’s the “quality” part that always concerns me and I’ve been hoping to see them released professionally. Such a crap shoot when you buy discs someone has made – but it’s good to know that good ones can be found. It sure is a great show and Gardner is a compelling, fascinating figure. Thanks so much for reading and for your comment.

  5. Hey, Gary! Your blog site ‘Soulride’ was a serendipitous find today! It literally lifted my spirits in gloomy Seattle, WA. Keep on writing. The world is reading!

    By chance, are you selling Roosevelt Franklin t-shirts as donned in this piece – https://soulrideblog.com/2021/01/01/soulride-2020/? I would definitely buy one from you. Franklin is an unsung icon in the history of children’s television programs. An influence on me a as a child. Let me know, bro! Thank you. Blessings. (John 15:18-19)

    • Chuck, I’m so glad you found the site and that it had a positive effect on you. I feel like there’s a gang of us out there that love this stuff and I feel compelled to remind us all of some of the wonderful things that have gone before. It’s about joy and light and fun.

      I’m also glad you like my t-shirt! I had it made cheap. Find a high resolution picture of our boy Roosevelt and head to Vistaprint.com. They are great. I’ve had many shirts made there.

      Thanks for you kind words. Stick around – lots more to come!

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