Gary Wells

Bio: Welcome to Your Home for Vintage Leisure. Here you'll find a variety of topics discussed; most all relating to mid-century media. Join the conversation - I welcome your feedback. Christ follower (1 Timothy 6:17)

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  1. YES! I’m so proud of you for putting this and yourself out there!
    Seeing into your past was a cool experience for me, since I know you now in a much different life.
    I hope your work is appreciated, as I appreciate it. I’ve still got such a love for “Rosie”.

  2. Got a good suggestion of a movie for you to profile Wells. It’s called “A Rage To Live”. From ‘65 I believe. Starring a sultry Suzanne Pleshette. Great drama set in early ‘60’s about a philandering housewife. Available on Amazon. Have you seen it? Would enjoy reading your spin. Thx. Steve.

    • Y’know, I think the title rings a bell, Steve, but I’m not familiar with it. “Sultry Suzanne Pleshette”, though – sounds good to me! Thanks for the recommendation. Stay tuned…

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