The Hawkmoon of Desire

Like a thief needs the night
like a blindman needs sight
like a young girl’s delight
like a fist needs a fight
like lovers need moonlight
like seeing the light

My heart is an open wound
I’m dying but not dead
weeping but not crying
screaming but not raising my voice
standing but not yet running
I stagger like a drunk
and yet I fly like an eagle
I am alive, goddammnit
and my happiness and sanity will soon return
she has told me so
she has smiled her face upon me
she has kissed me with lips of wine
the sun gallops towards the sky
to shine it’s light on me once more
the black sky shattered
never to reign o’er me again
my happiness and sanity will soon return
and I am alive

Like the sky needs blue
like a cop needs a clue
like the morning needs dew
like the old needs the new
like a church needs a pew
like a room needs a view…

I need you
I need your love

(from “Part Three: Seduced By Fantasy…”)

An idea borrowed from U2’s “Hawkmoon 269”. Sometimes seems like somebody else holds the keys to your happiness.



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