“So, here I am…”

So, here I am
on a brisk spring morning
and I wish it were warm
I wish I was away
with you

with the sun riding high
in the blue, American sky
it’s warmth surrounds
our ragged room
and with us together
and the sun our guide
it is a mansion
on the grassy hilltop
and the grass is warm
but not as warm as your smile
or your arms
your legs
your eyes
or your lips
their warmth is unparalleled
in this inferior world
you are bright and shining
and you stand out
and you pull me through

and I thank you

oh, sweet Lord

(from “Part Two: Rosie”)

Again, pure escape. Instead of dealing with negativity – like an early spring day you think should be warmer – certain people can become the vehicles we want to use to drive away from it all.


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