“And soon…”

And soon
it will be over
and my soul
will leave your arms
at first
I’ll be cold
and our room will be empty
and your honey hair gone

but I’ll remember
yes, long when I’m gone

you’ll be in my soul still
when the sun climbs the mornings
and the rain streaks the windows
and the wind bends the grass
you will be there
all those mornings with the sun
and the grass
and the flowers
the liquor, the cigarettes
and the road
all these things
will remind me of you
for many
springs to come

you’ll be there, Rosie
long when I’m gone
you’ll be there

you sweet thing

(from “Part Two: Rosie”)

Sad because something’s going to end soon. Sometimes you think you’ll remember somebody forever. Every time it rains I’ll think of that person. Almost never ends up that way. F. Scott Fitzgerald said something to the effect of ‘love moves on and only the lovers remain’. Springsteen said ‘nobody knows, honey, where love goes but when it goes it’s gone’. And when it’s gone you forget. You just do. Twenty years down the road it doesn’t loom as large in your legend. Sad at the time, though, boy.


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