“And the grass shines with dew…”

And the grass shines with dew
in the spring of my life
a sweet pair of legs in the warm morning sun
and the taste of your neck
underneath a cotton sheet
draped in the sun
of another day alone
and together
and I smile out the window
and I see flowers in the yard
and as your fingers slide down my back
I realize
everything I want
is here
all that I need
I find in this room
with you
all my life is here
I’ve searched to find
the peace of mind
that I feel
with you
with you in my soul
and in my arms
everything that means anything
to me
is here
it’s covered in your velvet skin
and your silken body
a child of the sun

and my soul rests
in your golden hair
and everything I need
is here

(from “Part Two: Rosie”)

Rhapsody in blonde.


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