This is Farewell

And it will soon be farewell
and my soul will be left
to stand on it’s own
to go from memory
the memory
of you…

when your vision has vanished
from my eyes
the thought of you won’t stray
from my mind

the flowers in the yard
won’t be the same
the sun in the morning
will pale
the birds will sing
a forgotten song
the grass, so soft
will be unfamiliar
I will soar
at the thought of you
and the months I watched
go by in you
the months I sat
and watched
that year of my life
spent with you

I will bask in the sun, bright
walk near the flowers, wild
and hear the birds sing a joyous, joyous song
as I lay in the grass, so warm and so soft
and it will remind me
of your warmth
and your softness
a softness
I felt only
with my soul
a warmth
I felt only
from a distance

I saw
but was not seen
your radiance shone
but my eyes, not harmed
and blessed
I was blessed
with the sight of you
your shoulders
your legs
your neck
your arms
and your hair was shelter
mornings when the rains came
and your hair was a companion
mornings with the sun so fresh
you were spring
in my deepest winter
and a bed in my tiredest hour
you were rye
when my throat was rust
and you gave me a cigarette
when I wanted it most
you were water thrown
on my burning need
you were peace
in the valley
you were soothing
when I was hostile
you were calm
when my body was a storm
you blew me away
when I could not move
your body was smooth
when the days were coarse
you were gracefully
when I was a brute
you were vibrant
when I was burnt out
you were there
when I was not…

and most of all
you were golden
when my soul was black
you were golden
and as I stand in the sun
you’re still golden
and you shine in my soul

summer’s neck is gone
but my summer dream
is alive and well
so very alive
pulsing with life
that comes from you
forever and forever…

oh, good God, Rosie
you sweet, sweet thing…

and I guess that’s it

(from “Part Two: Rosie”)

A fitting end to the ‘Rosie’ poems. “Long when I’m gone I’ll remember this.”


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