Sonnet No. 4: Saturday Night

Lookin’ sweet again in t-shirt and jeans
fistful of dollars and I’ll be alright
in my ragtop, listening to Springsteen
light me a smoke cuz it’s Saturday night
they smell Elvis cologne when I walk in
the guys are there with their hats and barlime
and we’re laughin’ as the refills begin
nachos are comin’, we got lots of time
cute bartender chick flashes me a smile
rock ‘n’ roll and shootin’ darts in the night
we’re leavin’ big tips cuz she’s worth our while
we’re ready to stay ’til the morning light
but work is early, money has all fled
and nothing can soothe my old, aching head

(from “Part Three: Seduced By Fantasy…”)

I’m thankful that my friends and I had a hang-out back in the day. I mean a full-on “Cheers” sort of place. We would all go to Kelsey’s – before and after legal drinking age – and got to know most of the employees well. Some of the adventures would make a blog post all their own.


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