“The beach is full of wonder…”

The beach is full of wonder
the sea is filled with space
the clouds are torn asunder
the breeze caresses my face

my feet are warm in the sand
my body is fresh and new
a drink cools in my hand
the sky is shining and true

I lay on my back refreshed
my mind is void and numb
I feel a hand on my chest
and I’m knowin’ my time has come

the Dreamer and this, the Dream
reality, it’s mine at last
no longer where I’ve always been
that’s behind me in the past

I’ve made it

(from “Part Three: Seduced By Fantasy…”)

It’s nice to see one about the Arrival instead of always the Journey. No more longing, but having. This has got me thinking now maybe we should spend more time enjoying what we have as opposed to desiring something we don’t have.


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