Autumn Girls

I live on the west side
of a town broken down
and the autumn wind pulls
the leaves to the ground
and I gaze out my window
to the busy street below
I watch the sky turn grey
and the sun sinking low

and I watch all the autumn girls
crumbling in their shame
and the evening hides their tears
and the fears they cannot name

as they drag themselves across
another weary night
trembling in the darkness
crying for the light

they pass my window nameless
not one of them turns to see
that the night is not as jagged
as they make it seem to be

their search goes on forever
a thousand nights or more
they’ve walked down every street
and passed by every door

they walk on through the darkness
to find the glowing hands of me
to find the night is not as jagged
as they make it seem to be

(from “Part Four: Tragic Glorious”)

Lonely people sometimes pass right by other lonely people – never knowing that potential answers are all around them. I feel like this guy wants to yell “I’m right here!!”


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