PART FIVE: An Album Full


Sometimes I feel so uninspired
when I think of all that’s wasted
I say I’m drunk but I’m a liar
there’s so much wine I haven’t tasted

sometimes it’s like I haven’t got a friend
and then I feel so all alone
it seems as though I’m at the end
and I feel so far from home

the changing wind
the shifting sand
I’ve lost the touch of your silken hand
and now I feel so uninspired

sometimes the sky is dark as night
and the rain pours down on me
I lost the flame, I lost the light
I can’t be what I want to be

sometimes the cold, it chills my heart
and I can’t walk this road anymore
I count the pieces as I fall apart
and I watch you walk out the door

a broken heart
my lonely tears
I cry out loud, wish you were here
because I feel so uninspired
I lost the battle
I lost the war
I just can’t feel you anymore
and now I feel so uninspired

(from “Part Five: An Album Full”)

And so starts part five. Sometimes when you’re writing something it just feels like it should (or could) be sung. Part five is comprised of what I consider songs, lyrics as opposed to poems. Sometimes I would cheat and sit down to specifically mimic someone’s songwriting style but generally I would be inspired by a song or an artist and just felt like expressing myself like they would. These were fun to write. In the case of “Uninspired”, I stole a bit from a Traffic song and also the first line of Aretha Franklin’s “Natural Woman”.


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