‘Til I See the Light

I spent my last buck
on a ginger and rye
all I got is a smoke
and my bloodshot eyes
I’m drivin’ home
I’m swervin’ like a drunk
if things get really bad
I got a six in the trunk

when things get this way
I don’t know what else to do
just a bottle of rye
and a warm summer night

I open my eyes
I see the sky is blue
and I’ll keep on lookin’
’til I see the light

my foot on the gas
and not a dime in my hand
I’m tryin’ to find peace
in this wide open land
I drive through the night
and I know where I’ve been
I don’t know where I’m goin’
but I’ll follow my dream

I guess I’ll raise my glass
and let the hammer fly
roll with the punches
and stand on my feet
I’ll find what’s there for me
I’ll never know unless I try
until fortune’s lady comes
I’ll stand up to the heat

so, you say it’s OK
everything will turn around
I’m tryin’ to have faith
though everything’s fallin’ down
one more drink
oughta ease the pain
until I find myself
on that golden road again

I can see a new horizon
on up over the rise
though my soul is fallin’
I’m holdin’ on to it tight
my vision is blurred
but now I’m rubbin’ my eyes
and I know it won’t be long
’til I see the light

(from “Part Five: An Album Full”)

I shouldn’t tell you too much – let you judge these yourselves. But I gotta say: this one – and I can say this for a few of these – feels unfinished but I like the rhythm. I hope you’ve never heard Springsteen’s “The Long Goodbye” ’cause I see I’ve borrowed a line or two.


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