Swingfully Yours

I see
you belong to him
but I think it’s a sin
I don’t see that he belongs to you
and you don’t seem to know
and you don’t seem to listen to me
when I’m telling you to go

and you
you say to me
we two never could be
my love shines like the stars above
but you pull down your shade
if you could just open up your eyes
and come to me to stay

then I
could be the one
to walk with you in the sun
you could be mine and I could be yours
until our dying day
I’d hold you in my arms so tight
and you would hear me say

that I
I love you more
than anyone ever before
there’d be no tears with you around
together for ever more
for better or for worse I’m yours
I’m yours
swingfully yours

(from “Part Five: An Album Full”)

Thank you, Harry Connick. Inspired by him and written with a tune in mind that is light and jaunty. Should be sung by Harry or a Bobby Darin-type. Big brass and reed sections.

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