I Lied to You

My emotions run dry and my head is unclear
this is a different song to you, my dear
a song about the weakness kept in my soul
and sometimes confusion can make you whole
and we’ve been together for so long now
and sometimes a lie gets wrapped up in a vow
but you know that I’ve loved you each day since then
there were times I forgave and times I would bend
but I don’t regret
and you don’t yet
and I hope I don’t make you
a moment I slipped
and lost my grip
baby, I guess I’ve been untrue
and God forgive me
I lied to you

a clear-headed man wouldn’t make my mistake
I know I give half of the things that I take
my heart was impulsive and careless at best
until I’m forgiven I know I won’t rest
a man can do things for reasons unknown
I’m taking a chance that could cost me my home
the difference is why I go back to years ago
and taste of the danger I never did know
I take a chance
and a stolen glance
and a grey sky once was blue
an evening spent
it came and went
baby, I guess I’ve been untrue
and God forgive me
I lied to you

something you did not deserve
’cause I must’ve lost my nerve
when I should’ve been there for you
and I knew it wasn’t right
when I was there with her that night
now I gotta prove I really care for you
I care for you
baby, I guess I’ve been untrue
baby, I lied to you

now I’m asking if you still love me
I wonder if we two still can be
and there’s nothing more that I can do
except say I’m still in love with you
even though, baby
even though I’ve been untrue
and even though
I lied to you

(from “Part Five: An Album Full”)


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