In Your Eyes

Lips so red
eyes so dark
this girl she is painting
her way to my heart
she looks at me
I look at her
her eyes they are telling me
to stop and come over

what’s in your eyes
I hear them callin’
they hypnotize
I see you smilin’
when you look at me
what a movie
you and I would be

I know you
and you know me
but we’ll just have to
wait and see
I feel your touch
and you feel mine
we’ll have to hold on
for another time

oh, baby
what’s in your eyes
they’re as clear as
the bluest skies
I see you shinin’
through the rain
and we are fire
I see the flames

oh, baby
I know your name
and this feelin’
no one can tame
and you’ll be lookin’
back at me
I know my soul
you can plainly see

(from “Part Five: An Album Full”)

I heard Keith Richards singing the Rolling Stones’ “You Got the Silver” when I wrote this. The lyric here is very simple, blunt.

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