Seeing Eye

I’m heading out to the window tonight
I’ll watch the leaves blow out in the moonlight
watch the sweepers go and they get uptight
dustin’ around the ashtrays of another wasted night

the lights burn hard and the clock winds down
one day I’ll save my money and move uptown
I’m tired of bein’ the fool, always bein’ the clown
I wanna walk these streets tonight underneath a shiny crown

an’ my baby, she don’t care if I’m goin’ nowhere
and just as long as she keeps her fingers in my hair
who knows where I’m goin’, as long as she’s with me there
and the rains may come but now I just don’t care

I’m staggerin’ through my life
just like a lost prophet on his last cigarette
and I’m a blind man caught
in the fences of a night that ain’t over yet
an’ the storm may blow
an’ my days may be hollow
I’m ridin’ with the flow
an’ she knows that I’ll follow
’cause the night is thick and the sky is deep
but there’s a picture in my head I’ll always keep
I’m in your arms and I’m fast asleep
and I know I’m sowin’ what I wanna reap
when I throw my hands up
into the midnight sky
and when my eyes go blind
you’ll be my seeing eye

so, we got into the car and headed up to the lake
the night was so real, not a goddamn thing was fake
she was wearin’ a sundress that was more than I could take
and I knew I’d be puttin’ my fingers in the cake

the sun burned red and we watched the thing set
with my lips on her ear I began placin’ my bets
then she whispered somethin’ that I’ll never forget
but I better not mention ’cause the song ain’t over yet

on the way back home she had her head on my shoulder
and I was sittin’, smilin’, with a cigarette in smoulder
it was one of those summer nights when you ain’t gettin’ older
and then I whispered somethin’ and I’m glad I told her

when I know I’ve fallen
just like a bourbon saint on a barroom floor
when my ass is draggin’
and I check my soul with the girl at the door
an’ when the weight falls
an’ my engine stalls
take a trip down the hall
and I’ve missed last call
when the sun gets tired of shining it’s light
and I’m pushin’ real hard and with all my might
well, I’ll smoke it to the filter and jus’ for spite
I’ll be pullin’ no punches and winnin’ the fight
when nothing works out
no matter how hard I try
and when my eyes go blind
you’ll be my seeing eye

the moon shone down upon my face
I was a starry night dreamer starin’ off into space
when I got to your house you were dressed up in lace
and we closed the door and were lost without a trace

as I lay in your arms there was peace in my soul
you showed me the diamond in a pile of coal
you pulled me out when I was deep in a hole
and on that hot summer night my heart you stole

and you know I feel like I’m comin’ back home
comin’ on back to the best thing I’ve ever known
we’ve both been down the road and together we’ve grown
I hold your hand again and I’m not alone

and we are together
just like two lovers on the porch at dawn
and that’s all that matters
the pain is over and the loneliness gone
and now the sun shines
on you and you’re mine
and you’re right on time
and it’s sweet as wine
now I wake up to the bright morning sun
and my very first thought is that I’m still the one
starting where we finished ’cause we’re nowhere near done
and I just want to tell you that you’re the only one
now that you’re here
I’ve got something to live by
and when my eyes go blind
you’ll be my seeing eye

the only thing I know
is that you’re mine
all the hurt and pain
is left behind
I’m back at the wheel
I can stop on a dime
and it feels good to know
when my eyes go blind
you’ll be at my side
you’ll be my seeing eye

(from “Part Five: An Album Full”)

An optimistic fairy tale. Really sounds nice. Basically an “epic” poem – this would be a long song. I’d like to hear it sung.


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