Red-Headed Woman

Nothin’ quite like
a red-headed woman
you can light up the night
with a red-headed woman
with a tongue of flames
and a secret name
her sin is pure delight
that red-headed woman

the night falls down
’round a red-headed woman
they hear you all over town
with that red-headed woman
and the fingers quick
and a lightning lick
nothin’ like it around
that red-headed woman

and she’s something you need
that red-headed woman
you’ll die for her, you’ll bleed
for that red-headed woman
she’s all you want and more
you’ll rain for her, you’ll pour
you’ll follow and she’ll lead
that red-headed woman

you haven’t got a prayer
‘gainst that red-headed woman
there’s something in the hair
on that red-headed woman
slipp’ry like a snake
way more than you can take
a sap and you don’t care
she’s a red-headed woman

(from “Part Five: An Album Full”)

The title totally stolen from Springsteen. Nice wordplay, though – all mine. It’s sharp and quick.


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