Other Diversions

Well, looks like I’m done ‘publishing’ my poetry anthology, “SoulRide”. I suppose I do have more poetry in the ‘archives’ but all of the best stuff went into “SoulRide”. And as I said in the final installment (see “Part Six: Epilogue”) I never again had the desire or inspiration to write poetry later in life. But fear not, faithful followers: as the focus of this blog shifts from ‘poetry’ to the ‘other diversions’ mentioned in the title, if you stay with me you’ll find lots to entertain you, to challenge you and to make you ask the questions. Such as: ‘has this guy lost his marbles?’. This change puts me in mind of the time my favourite radio station, WKRP, changed formats. Going from ‘beautiful music’ to rock ‘n’ roll was a major shift and a lot of long-time listeners had trouble adjusting. Thing is, ‘beautiful music’ is nice but rock ‘n’ roll is great, too. The two styles are different but both certainly have value. And then there’s your host, me. While I’m no Dr. Johnny Fever, I do have charisma to burn.

Carrying on with this blog is really a big step for me. In the past, I never could understand ‘regular’ people blogging. I thought it was terribly arrogant and presumptuous – as if I care what you have to say, buddy. But as a good friend of mine recently remarked, blogging can be simply a ‘public journal’. I’m going to enjoy the writing for writing’s sake and I’ll even assume I’m going to be interesting enough to be entertaining to others.

I guess all I can do is hope that those of my followers who are poetry fans will stay engaged to see what I have to say about all things media and pop culture. Actually, I’m counting on it because lots of times I’ll be blogging about things I’m going to need your feedback on. I’m going to want to know if anybody out there is ‘feeling me’.

It’s going to be fun – stick around.


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