Sweet Michelle

We stood together, alone
confused and hungry
solitary in the night
my body cried out for her
but my heart lay far away
the stars did not shine on our
moment together
but the flames of desire lit the night
and as I held her, I felt so right
but something was missing
our embrace brought my lips to her
creamy, smooth neck
her fingers rustled the back of my hair
we could feel the passion in the air
but our hearts weren’t there
my hand slid across her sleek body
as I kissed her with a passion
and we stood together in paradise
but only for a moment
and then it was over
but the memory has never ended
sometimes I wish it would…

(from “Part Three: Seduced By Fantasy…”)

Maybe it’s another girl in your circle of friends. Maybe it’s your buddy’s girl. It’s not right but sometimes a thought crosses your mind. Those thoughts can be powerful.


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