This Ain’t Hollywood

My limozeen pulls up
flash bulbs goin’ wild
I give my fans a wave of the hand
they’re screamin’ and I’m one hot child

I can’t get through the doorway
reporters gettin’ in my face
I’m tryin’ to get by, feelin’ real high
they’re sayin’ I’m the next Johnny Ace

awards are comin’, baby, left and right
I’m on every talk show goin’
I’m getting movie deals and coppin’ feels
backstage the brews are flowin’

you’ll see me on every magazine
I’m the biggest boy in town
hands on my knees, naked in jacuzzis
I’m the coolest cat around

now all the beer’s gone to my liver
I’m snortin’ my life down the drain
I can’t get it up, I’m runnin’ outta luck
I’ve got all the VD you can name

this can’t be Hollywood
I’m passed out on the floor
I’m sick of fighting off fags and escorting old bags
and I’m not gonna take it no more

(from “Part Three: Seduced By Fantasy…”)

Just having some fun. I like the rhyming sequence. Just a lost, politically-incorrect dude finding out the dark side of fame.


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