“My heels are on fire…”

My heels are on fire
burning to get away
maybe back to Nevada
or maybe the Frisco Bay

I’m feelin’ fenced in
my needs and desires suppressed
I gotta hop that mystery train
and ride it back to Memphis

it’s the same ol’ song and dance
monotony reeks in these halls
I can hear the beaches of Venice summon
and I can hear the sunset call

in a shack on Oahu
watching the tide turn
listening to Elvis songs, my escape complete
you’ve just gotta give me the word

what the hell am I doing here
I just wanna split
turn my back on it all
and say ‘I just don’t give a s@#*’

(from “Part Three: Seduced By Fantasy…”)

More my style. Just another longing to get away and see the world. Movies, songs and books can be like an atlas. I remember Fitzgerald saying something about the ‘becoming’ instead of the ‘being’. By the same token, it’s sometimes safer, easier and cheaper to travel by proxy: dream of going to Hawaii instead of actually going.


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