The Sunshine of My Mind

The confines of this ragged chamber
hang like a dark, misty cloud
the rains pour only in this place

from beyond the smoky windows
I see the sun drape itself
on the soft, green grass
I see the sparrow weave it’s path
through the clear blue sky
lovers in the shade
white, cotton clouds roll gently
as the warmth ascends the hill
the slopes of my fantasy
the sunshine of my mind

yet, here I sit, chained to my chair
where the dark shadows fall
here I am, trapped and cold
frozen by the snows of time
and words of authority
senseless, empty words
reality is in every corner of this place
and I long to escape
peering out the smoky windows

Trapped by reality.
seduced by fantasy

(from “Part Three: Seduced By Fantasy…”)

Something I figure we all can relate to. Trapped in class. Trapped at work. Trapped in the winter cold. We all just want to get away sometimes. The last two lines sum up this whole body of work.

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