“I have seen a man…”

I have seen a man
his face torn and bleeding
the melancholy blood of his dying
has stained my memory’s hand
a sweep of his hand across his face
shouts of pain rip out of the sky
as this man, our man
lays in the desert, bleeding
innocent and wise
this man is lost
in the shifting sands of our changing fancy
the eagle shares not man’s folly
and flocks to farewell
as the soul drifts with the rhythm of the night
no colours but the shining red
where is left for this man to go
but back to the sand from whence he came
and alone

(from “Part Three: Seduced By Fantasy…”)

More Jim Morrison influence. Also reminds me of the scene in “Natural Born Killers” when Mickey kills the Indian and Mallory freaks on him. This is not really ‘me’ – just exercising.

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