Rush Hour in Times Square?

I used to be so inspired
and now the hazy days
have taken their toll
my spirit and soul have been drained
while I tried to find them
all along
the sounds came
from right beneath my feet
my vision a blur
elusive they become

I see the wide open spaces
closing all around me
and it makes me wonder
where has it gone
and how did I lose it
I fought so long to obtain
but in the end
I’ve lost my way…
or have I?

Days ahead are bright and warm
awhile yet ’til prisons loom
my imminent sanity cell is on it’s way
and I want it…
or do I?

too lost to write
too warped to understand

(from “Part Three: Seduced By Fantasy…”)

Even in the midst of confusion sometimes you still try to get it out. Doesn’t always work (‘too lost to write’).


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