“I don’t ask for money…”

I don’t ask for money
I don’t ask for fame
I don’t need a new face
I don’t need a new name

I don’t ask for time off
I don’t ask for a raise
I don’t ask for the night
or the old, simpler days

I don’t need to get the girl
I don’t need to get laid
I don’t need to be loved
I don’t need my keys played

sometimes I wonder why
I let you cloud my head
sometimes I want to fly
on to the sun so red
I need to get myself free
when I got myself in a bind
I need a dream to believe
I need some peace of mind

I don’t need to stay here
I learn nothing from you
I didn’t ask to see the light
I got my own sky of blue

I don’t need my hand held
I don’t ask you to care
I don’t need you to guide me
I’ll find my own way there

I don’t need to be blessed
I don’t need to have it all
I don’t need a house on the hill
I don’t need to be on the ball

I want to be left alone
I don’t need you crowdin’ my space
just like a warm country home
take myself out of the race
I need to get away
to a place where there is no time
I’ve got to go today
all I want is some peace of mind

you mean nothing to me
you’re just a sorry waste
I’m just gonna let it be
you’re gonna see a smile on my face

headin’ for a bright, summer day
sun so bright it’ll make you blind
this dream will wash all away
sanctuary I will find
that’s where I belong anyway
all I want is some peace of mind
my peace of mind
peace of mind

(from “Part Three: Seduced By Fantasy…”)

Sometimes you get tired of having to explain to people why you are the way you are. Sometimes you feel it’s easier to BE yourself if you are BY yourself. Also, Van Morrison has a great song called “Some Peace of Mind”.


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