A Springtime Vision

Her long hair is wild
and crazy free
and I can’t help but shake
when she looks at me
her mouth is a pout
her eyes raging flame
and I wonder what it would sound like
to hear her speak my name
her lips a bouquet
must be so sweet to taste
and I wonder what it would feel like
to put my arms around her waist
her skin brown like leather
but soft like midnight lace
and the fragrance flowing from her
puts a smile upon my face
she drifts down away from me
but my eyes they won’t forget her
and I wonder what it would’ve felt like
if I only could’ve met her

(from “Part Four: Tragic Glorious”)

Some girls look like seasons. Really. Some look like they were made for the beach. Others for a walk through the autumn leaves. And sometimes you’ll see a girl in the dead of winter and she’ll make you think of spring.


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