“Robyn in the Sun”


I want her here
running her hands through her hair
taking away all my cares
knowing that she’d never dare
leave me here
crying a tear
I know she’ll be always near

I want her hand
to gently slide down my spine
filling up all of my time
keeping her close by my side
I’d confide
and I could hide
hide in her flowing hair

I need her now
standing close by in those pants
then ‘cross the hardwood she’d dance
and my heart would have no chance
her lips I would kiss
not a day I would miss
telling her she’ll always be mine

I need her eyes
staring deeply into mine
keeping no record of time
having no reason to cry
in my arms
no one could harm
my robyn in the sun

(from Part One: A Young Man)

Here’s an early example of a bit of ‘cheating’ I would sometimes do: hearing a song in my head, different lyrics would come to mind. You wouldn’t know I’d done this and the poem would still work on it’s own. It’s not a verse-for-verse rewrite but just the cadence of the song would serve as a setting of sorts for the words that were in my head. Here it’s Paul McCartney’s lovely tune “Here, There and Everywhere” from the Beatles’ “Revolver” album.


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