“She’s as pretty as a queen…”

She’s as pretty as a queen in a teen-ager’s dream
you can’t tell when she’s saying what she really means
I could do without, now I’m living in doubt
I need you like the rain when I’m feeling the drought

my heart can’t rest when she’s in her satin dress
one look from her can put me to the test
living half my dreams in my faded jeans
I try to break away from her, coming clean

my friends all say I’m giving it all away
I try to tell myself that it’s not that way
she kisses my lips and my judgement is stripped
the candle grows dim and the hot wax drips

she won’t let me go and deep down I know
I’d never want her to leave though the pain still grows
I can’t see a thing, I’m on the end of a string
I’m walking with a limp from the pain love can bring

(from “Part One: A Young Man”)

I really like the rhyme scheme in this one. Fun to write and fun to read. The first line was inspired by my favourite Gordon Lightfoot song, “Sundown”.


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