Part Two: Rosie

Good God, Rosie, things are happenin’ tonight
I’ve had a couple of drinks but I’ll be alright
you’re wearin’ that dress that makes a man think twice
and tonight I’ll be takin’ you to paradise

can’t you see all the things we could do
it’s plain to see the magic we could make
the puzzle of me and the wonder of you
look around tonight, we’ve got a lot at stake

c’mon, baby, dance close to me
Lord knows I’m likin’ what my eyes can see
let’s be the brightest stars in this wicked night
the radio told me I could hold you tight

this old town can make you die inside
let’s not watch our dreams roll away with the tide
let’s grab what we can and do all we can do
cos I’d rather be dead than alive without you

it seems that we were destined to lose
playin’ a game that we couldn’t win
we might be a little battered and bruised
but bein’ glad we’re alive ain’t no sin

the night is young and we’re feelin’ alive
let’s take a midnight run down on I-95
we gotta catch our dreams before they slip away
let’s chase them into tomorrow’s day
with you by my side I know I’ll make it somehow
because what I wanted then is what I want now
so stay with me, be my guiding light
and help me make it through another night

(from “Part Two: Rosie”)

The ‘Rosie’ poems are pure daydream, my imagination given free reign. They were written in high school, in class. I’m pretty sure I failed that course, whatever it was. I don’t remember. These poems are for the Perfect Girl that a lot of young men conjure up. You know, the one that doesn’t exist. I was obviously listening to a lot of Springsteen when I wrote this one. But, really, the ‘Rosie’ poems were heavily influenced by Van Morrison’s “Astral Weeks” album, the song “Sweet Thing” in particular. The way he sang about a woman; like being near her was a heavily spiritual experience. Read on…


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