“Shake me gently, baby…”

Shake me gently, baby
in the morning sun
there’s a lot more blurry nights
’til my drinkin’ days are done
help me outta bed, sugar
be a sweet shoulder to lean on
take my hand and walk me through
this deadly, pasty dawn

fill my cup with coffee
you better fill ‘er up some more
cos I’m feelin’ like a roadkill
like a worn and wasted whore
put me in the shower
with your naked arms
wake me with your hands
jump-start me with your charms

don’t dry my back, honey
cos then we’ll never get outta here
you’ve done enough already
thanks to you my head is clear
I’ll see you tonight, Rosie
for a night of sweet romance
as our bodies shine in the naked night
the stars outside will dance

(from “Part Two: Rosie”)

Here’s where the more mature girl is expected to put up with – and help restore – the idiot guy as he tries to recover from some debauchery. Foolish man. (Sanctified buzzkill, I know) Actually, this one does indeed deviate in theme from the rest of the ‘Rosie’ poems. In the other works, she assumes a much higher station than the one depicted here. And the others seem less libidinous.


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