I get dressed up in cotton
and head out into the night
grinning politely at the ladies
who ask me for a light

the night hums hard against the ocean breeze
I drop behind the wheel
chasing my dreams into the darkness
looking for some hearts to steal

you might think I’m a dangerous man
just because I may have a different plan
you might be afraid to reach out and touch
I guess that means you don’t want it so much
take a chance, go where time stands still
and come with me to Tequilaville

I ride up to the ninth floor
of a tower of broken hearts
I push my way past the painted faces
and the lives all torn apart

I take my seat in the corner
with friends I don’t even know
I sip my drink and hope I can last
until it’s time to go

I was hoping to see you there that night
and maybe start something new
despite all the music and all the drinks
it ain’t the same without you

So, Rosie, come and see what’s happened to me
come see how the flame has died
give me something to hold on to
give me a place to hide

you might think I’m a frightened guy
who doesn’t know what to do with his clear, blue sky
by myself I won’t last long
singing this lost and lonesome song
I’ll stay in my room and die until
you come with me to Tequilaville

fill me with your love so sweet
take me from these empty streets
put my heart in your healing hands
and say those things that only you can
lift me up from where I am now
I’d give you all but I don’t know how

Rosie, don’t leave me, don’t walk away
bring back the sun to my rainy day
give me your hand, just give me tonight
take me in your arms and turn out the light
I need you to hold me, I’ve lost the will
let me take you down to Tequilaville
come with me to Tequilaville

(from “Part Two: Rosie”)

The title is obviously borrowed from Jimmy Buffett’s “Margaritaville”. I like these lyrics, though, as they take their time in telling a story. We are a few verses in before it’s revealed that the ‘singer’ is looking for Rosie and has been trying to function without her. Early on we see the futility of the social whirl (“tower of broken hearts”, “lives all torn apart”). The remedy for our hero? Rosie. There’s a lot said here, lots to read.


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