“So, c’mon, baby…”

So, c’mon, baby
slide on into my car
I can hear our dreams calling
from way out afar
we’ll roll down the innerstate
and catch ’em while they shine
the time is right, baby
and this moment is mine

the moon lights our love
and the sun lights the day
racin’ with the breeze
so, mister, clear outta the way
slippin’ along the blacktop
headin’ for the border tonight
you can be my shotgun lover
and in the dark I’ll hold you tight

there’s a place for us ‘cross the county line
the grass’ll be warm in the yard
until that day and it won’t be long
our home’ll have to be this car
we’re gonna catch our dreams, baby
and until then
it’s you and me, Rosie
until the bitter end

(from “Part Two: Rosie”)

Two against the world. More Springsteen influence.


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