“Oh, Rosie, you sweet thing…”

Oh, Rosie, you sweet thing
you sweet summer’s day
the warmth in the starlit night
the greenest and freshest way

you blanket of blonde beauty
the sheet of the softest bed
the purest element of my soul
the most delicate words in my head

and we’ll walk in gardens new
bright and green in the morning sun
I will be the dreamer lost
and you will be the one

and the clouds will not roll
and our time will not end
as the fire warms the room
I’ll see you smile again

a cigarette will burn
we’ll find peace in the night
we’ll feel the magic again
when the sun brings morning light
and it will never end…

oh, Rosie, you sweet thing

(from “Part Two: Rosie”)

Ecstasy. Bliss. Just a heavy sigh and a shake of the head. Sometimes you’re left speechless however I feel I was able to nail a lot of that emotion with this one. I really like some of the wordplay. These are probably ‘the most delicate words in my head’. One of my favourite couplets: ‘I will be the dreamer lost / and you will be the one’. This is like the flagship of the ‘Rosie’ poems and the phrase sums them all up: ‘oh, Rosie, you sweet thing’.


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