“The silken skin that hides…”

The silken skin that hides
the fingers that dance
the hair that flows
I’m in the ususal trance…

the creamy soft shoulders
leading to a velvet neck
sugar on a Sunday
scotch on Saturday night

a cigarette always
she licks the paper sealed
and hands it to me
our fingers touch
and the shivers rocket
rocket up my spine
just a touch
is all it takes
a look will do
the earth will quake

even when she’s gone from view
the image is dreamlike
like the sweet vapour of evening
come to life
come to sweet life

away, away
for awhile
to the green, green grass
to the heaven in my mind

a burning, burning passion
the dainty dreams of a youth restrained
they keep me alive
keep me feeling
spiritual comfort from a golden apparition
a dream
a vacant dream of peace and warmth
stray thoughts
the blissful ignorance of the dreamer
once removed
from moronic daily futility
once removed
from ordinary life
from the way it is
away to a candy dreamscape
another land
away and not here
twice removed from eroded fantasies
restored in the sugary caverns of my
flowered mind
thoughts of galloping hope
a desire to achieve the golden land
the land of milk
the land of honey
the land of nicotine, rye and a kiss…

the poetic wanderings of a youth restrained
a fierce longing to break free from the chains
a quest for the sun and the sand of life
the long walk to fantasy
lays ahead

(from “Part Two: Rosie”)

‘The poetic wanderings of a youth restrained’. Interesting insight into the fact that this is all fantasy, a means of escape. Daydreams, poetry, girls: sometimes it’s just about hiding out from real life, avoiding responsibilities. Oh, those blissful days when we could get away with doing that. ‘Away, away / for awhile / escape’.


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