“Sweet as a rose in June…”

Sweet as a rose in June
tender as the summer night
she’s my teen-age dream
in all her smooth splendour
silky smooth
the ringlets that drop at her shoulders
are like my heart when she’s near
curled and twisted – yet golden
golden as the spring morning
peaceful as the brook
running through my soul
when she’s near
silent and tranquil
like my thoughts
when she’s near
oh, such beauty I’ve never seen
such beauty has never been
so close
and yet…

my tangled, twisted dreams of love
hang tattered and confused
in the sunshine of my soul

and that is all……

(from “Part Two: Rosie”)

The limitations of daydreaming, of thought as opposed to action. It’s presented as bliss but it’s hollow, thus: ‘my heart (is) / curled and twisted’, ‘so close / and yet…’ and words like tangled, twisted, tattered and confused. Spectator not participant. Silly boy.


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