“You know,…”

You know,
the day blows apart
and the fragments rain
down on me

I’m a poet
I’m a preacher
I’m a lover
I’m a listener
I’m a soldier
I’m a prophet
I’m a mad f$#@*&% genius
I’m day
I’m night
I’m the early morning sun
I’m the bright and silver moon
I’m the empty
I’m the full
I’m the silence
I’m the screaming
I’m the wrong
I’m the oh, so right
I’m the love
I’m the lust
I’m the touch and feel
I’m the king
I’m the lord
I’m the jester
I’m the knight
I’m the judge
I’m the jury
I’m loose
I’m tight
I’m strong
I’m weak
I’m outta sight
I’m beside you
I’m blind
I’m all-knowing
I’m tired and yet
I’m ready to rock ‘n’ roll
I’m ready
I’m psyched
I’m amped
I’m done…

and, goddamnit
I’m still the one

(from “Part Four: Tragic Glorious”)

Fun to write and, I think, cool to read. Street poetry.


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