“I need a summer day…”

I need a summer day
a warm July
I need a place to rest
I need an ocean view
I need rock ‘n’ roll
I need a bottle
and a lick of lime
I need a dollar in my pocket
I need a cigarette at night
and a breeze in the morning
I need to break free
I need the country air
I need the city streets
I need a peace of mind
I need a cleansing within
I need a smoke-filled room
and a deck of cards
I need to find who I am
and what I want
I need to know the secret
I need to know the truth
I need freedom and happiness
contentment and warmth
I need to understand my soul
and I need to travel on

but more
much more than this
I need her

(from “Part Four: Tragic Glorious”)

It’s OK to be a paradox. To like ‘the country air’ and ‘smoke-filled rooms’. In hindsight, I’m disappointed that I’ve said that more than anything else I need someone beside me. Let me suggest that maybe it’s more important to figure out yourself as a ‘person’ as opposed to a ‘significant other’.


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