Shotgun Lover

I can pull your soul out of the burnin’ fire
I can bring to life, baby, your every dark desire
I wanna be the one to walk with you with pride
if you’ll just come with me for that long mystery ride
you don’t need to hide, you don’t have to run for cover
’cause when the night is black I’ll be your shotgun lover

you and I can ride ’til there ain’t no more road
we can chase the magic dawn and live stories untold
wake up in a hotel that’s the same as the last
live up to our names, baby, live up to our past
as your mama bows her head and begs the angels above her
you’ll be as safe as can be beside your shotgun lover

once upon a time
we were lost in the night
we got tangled up
in the glory of our dreams
but how time flies
when you’re locked up tight
I wanna know
what life really means

no one knows what the interstate holds
the sun may be hot and the moon might be cold
but we’ll have each other when the road gets rough
and when the weight comes down we’re gonna show ’em we’re tough
so turn out the light, baby, pull up the covers
and sleep beneath the stars with your shotgun lover

the time has come
to find out who we are
to get what we want
and to have it our way
so come on with me
we’ll pack our dreams in my car
let’s run through the night
to find the glorious day

(from “Part Four: Tragic Glorious”)

A Springsteen-type song. I like the different rhymes for ‘lover’.


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