“Angie had a face…”

Angie had a face
that would stop a city street
I felt a burning shudder
every time our eyes would meet
and the smile she could give you
could take your breath away
she was the blue of bluest skies
the sun’s most precious ray
Angie and I were friends
and we’d walk on summer grass
but I could never tell her
and I hoped my love would pass
the years moved on and I did not
and Angie found her one
the ring sparkled on her finger
my heart fell like a ton
so I kissed her cheek and said goodbye
and she went down the aisle
I stood outside with the engine running
and neither of us could smile
I sat behind the wheel and knew it was right
and pulled away from the curb
and ever since that Sunday morning
I’ve lived my life in the suburbs
the years rolled on and I stood still
and met her in my dreams
spent my days throwing wishes
into my drying streams
one lonely night the telephone rang
Angie on the other end
she told me that she needed me
this time not just as a friend
I ran to her and didn’t look back
and my life on solid ground
as long as I live I’ll never forget
the day Angie came back to town

(from “Part Four: Tragic Glorious”)

A common theme, especially in popular song. “My Eyes Adored You”, “Lyin’ Eyes”, “Taxi”. Fictional girls should all be named Angie or Rosie or Edie.


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