“She comes ’round…”

She comes ’round
when the night goes down
and the moon is in the sky
sneaks outta her room
and her desperate doom
walking with stars in her eye
she knocks on the door
I don’t care anymore
I don’t need to stop and explain
I got no shirt and jeans
y’know what I means
and we’re together like wet on rain

a cigarette lit
a neck I have bit
and a tongue that slips across mine
I fall insane
at the drop of her name
I’m lost in her endless blue wine
fingers on my skin
like a dream going in
like a fuse shooting sparks from the wall
her breath in my ear
her heart beating near
as through the window the moonlight falls

across the night
through the pale light
our bodies swift and sure
the taste is sweet
as our lips meet
together our lives are pure

and our wanton wings
such slippery things
slide towards the cotton dawn
let the sun awake
for my soul’s sake
and I slide my sunglasses on
can’t you tell
anxiety fell
to the floor of my darkened place
I’ll remember this
and your honey kiss
and the way the moon shone on your face

(from “Part Four: Tragic Glorious”)

Nice rhythm and wordplay.


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