“In the days of yore…”

In the days of yore
with Lesley Gore
and a teen dressed up to the nines
a shotgun stick
a boy of slick
linin’ up my valentines

with the Boys of stomp
a meadow romp
you can put my fries on the side
with sand underfoot
we’re all stayin’ put
all tuned in to the tide

my Chevy rag-top
to the high school hop
the girls all wrapped up in dew
my buddies and me
are what they want to see
we can make ’em feel shiny new

the beach at night
don’t put up a fight
’cause the sun’ll be shinin’ soon
you and me are a hit
but your parents’ll sh@t
when they find that you’re not in your room

(from “Part Four: Tragic Glorious”)

It’s hard to pay homage to the old days without sounding lame. This one’s alright. I’ve always loved the first two lines (if I do say so myself).

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