“It’s the break of day at the sad cafe..”

It’s the break of day at the sad cafe
and Diane walks towards me
the sun seeks out her denim
and finds the smile I get for free

the morning crowd arrives
and they call her by her name
she brings them coffee without asking
she knows that every day’s the same

they strike her up and down
they figure they got a chance
she’ll smile and turn away
and do the Every Waitress Dance

I sit in the sun by the window
and she glances when she can
pretenders come and go
and I’m her only man

the apron tossed, the morning lost
and we leave for bluer skies
all I will ever need
is in the heaven of her eyes

(from “Part Four: Tragic Glorious”)

I remember that morning. The place was called The Brunch. It was interesting watching how those guys would talk to the pretty waitress.


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